Villa 7 Chania

Villa 7 Philosophy

Unique and distinctive design

The architectural character of the villa is standing between minimalism, Bauhaus and Japanese architecture forms that offers the guest an aesthetic content which is so unique, distinctive and rare.

A piece of art in Chania

Key features

Minimal architectural design

Villa 7, a unique minimal architectural concept, designed in pure geometric forms. The basic elements of the construction strive to express a message of simplicity and balance; while repetitions of structure represent a sense of order . The synthesis is organized morphologically by the use of the structural elements exclusively, and accomplished by the use of bare minimum lines and elements. The special character of its design allows the guest to relax and enjoy their stay without annoying visual stimulations. Villa 7 has been cited in various architectural magazines and shortlisted for the MIES VAN DER ROHE 2009 AWARDS IN BRUSSELS


Villa 7 located in a quiet, traditional village called “perivolia”, meaning land of citrus groves. Ideally located for guests: a 5 minute drive from the city centre, nearest beach, and national highway allowing easy access to the rest of the island. Additionally, Perivolia constitutes the entrance of the gorge of Therisso: a very popular site, famous for its rare beauty and wild nature. Villa 7 lies within walking distance of super markets and tavernas serving local and traditional food.


Villa 7 is situated within the boundaries of the city of Chania, in an area of vineyards and orange groves, so the intention of the architects was to protect the living quarters from the intrusive eyes of pedestrians and minimize the view to the North and to the neighbouring residence. Despite being close to the city, surrounding trees and walls afford the guests privacy.

Heated eco pool

One of the exceptional features of villa 7 is the swimming pool which is chemical-free (chlorinated through salt electrolysis). This specific characteristic allows guests to enjoy the pool and the incorporated jacuzzi reducing potential allergic or bacterial skin reactions.

A sculpture of time

The spacious garden area of villa 7 accommodates an ancient 1200 year old olive tree. A unique sculptural artwork of nature, with an 8 meter trunk circumference; where you can sit and enjoy its shape, figures and forms enhancing/maximising your holiday experience and inspiring your imagination

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